Who we are

We are riders. We created our lab to build electric skateboards. It’s what happened when our founder, a mechanical engineer, joined forces with an electronic engineer. Both inventors and founding members, strived vigorously in prototyping and development driven by their passion for next-generation electric skateboards. That lead our Team to something that is finally ready to leave our lab and be shared with the rest of the world!

Before the AIRLESS

It started out as all good projects do: R&D. After a few frustrating months of testing readily available OEM subsystems, we soon found ourselves with an endless list of things we wanted to improve. For our engineer-inventors the next step became clear… “Let’s say farewell to OEM and use our lab to develop the next-generation electric skateboard from scratch! “

Many prototypes were built, tested and destroyed throughout our journey for the next-generation electric skateboard, until the AIRLESS prevailed. We ended up producing our own custom motors, airless tires, remote controllers, battery boxes, fast chargers, Proprietary ESCs, foot stabilizers, trucks and decks! With the support of our investor and vigorous development we finalized our prototype. After thoroughly testing all our proprietary technologies, we filed our patents and we are now ready to present our product to the world!

We made this incredible electric skateboard for people to go out and explore! Find new parts of town, discover nature, see places never seen before. Ride up hills. Ride down hills. Ride with friends. Do racing competitions, break world records…

We are inventors and explorers. We are On-ix boards. An American company. We crafted the AIRLESS to be the safest, most durable, long-range electric skateboard in the market.

Why such a low price? It is precisely because we designed and produced the AIRLESS ourselves without using any OEM or ODM components/systems. That allowed us to bring it to the market at the lowest possible price while using the highest quality materials. That was not an easy feat! We performed quality control in person at each factory to ensure that our highest production standards were being met.

We believe that the microvehicle revolution is here. And we want to share it with everyone! We found that most who demo the AIRLESS with our Team, from beginners to experts, got familiar with it within a few minutes to a few hours. It was tested with people of all ages, shapes and sizes. We made this microvehicle for everyone! With motors that can push a human up to 265 pounds, uphill and fast – and batteries that can last up to 2 hours with continuous use in one charge… The Next Generation Electric Skateboard is here!

We hope you enjoy riding the AIRLESS as much as we do and join us in the Microvehicle Evolution!

Welcome to the Microvehicle Evolution

The Team

Jon Nigel


Finance Division

Austin Marhold


Mechanical Engineer
Microvehicle Inventor
Production Quality Control

Angelo "Cool"

Electronic Engineer
Production Quality Control

Bryant Foo

Engineer Assistant
Production Assembly Inspection
Prototype Testing

Natalia Pavlovic

Marketing Global Distribution
Prototype Testing

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