32 MPH
265 LBS
52 KMH
80 KM
120 KG


Shred up and down mountains
Sail over the roughest streets…
Ride for hours on a single charge!


Pioneering rider stability through advanced electro-mechanical refinements. Full foot coverage and bigger wheels keep you in control.


Large tires close to the ground maintain the natural flow of skateboarding. Body-responsive technology from trucks to deck.

Our passion for the ultimate ride has lead to many innovations...


Latest Innovation in Tire Design 
30% Larger to Go Over Anything
All Terrain – All Weather

Unique Deck

Widened for All Feet
Lengthend for All Heights 
Ultra Flexi Canadian Maple

Powerful Motors

Tested in Mountains,
Hot Climates and Rain
Pro Speeds of 32 mph / 52 kmh

Battery Range

Average Commuter:
Small Battery: 10 miles / 16 km
Big Battery: 50 miles / 80 km

Advanced Remote

Smooth Throttle Control
3 Speed Modes

Foot Stabilizers

Adjustable Personalized Stance

Hyper Charger

3x Faster than the Competition
30 min Average Charge
Silent Operation

Extreme Trucks

Full Range-of-Motion Steering
Precision Turning & Carving

Made for Exploration !

We Believe In Effortless Travel


It’s odd that most electric skateboards focus only on the electric part, as if just adding electricity is all that’s needed to scale performance. Our approach has been to scale the entire board by 15%, making it bigger than a non-electric longboard. This scaling effect has increased the entire system’s stability while adding lots of extra space for batteries and full deck support for larger shoe sizes.


When the AIRLESS is under your feet, the world is yours. Brick sidewalks, manholes, big cracks in the road are no longer threatening. As you learn to ride the AIRLESS, it becomes more natural. Even the slightest adjustment in the way you ride creates a new experience.
It’s you against the wind, exploring, ready for anything that crosses your path. This experience of total stability on the board at speed makes for a very smooth ride.


Compensation for wheel bite, carefully calibrated deck flex, and body-matching ergonomics generate an undisturbed immersive experience. The AIRLESS board and AIRLESS tire are the result of intense research into all aspects of microvehicle design. It’s time to feel safe and secure at speed.

Designed by riders, for riders.


During and after the R&D stage, we pursued extreme prototype testing of the AIRLESS. In the real world, Mother Nature is not kind: mountains, rain, dirt, holes and bumps are all unforgiving.
Our testing of this new invention had to match the harshest environments and weather conditions, including extreme heat. The AIRLESS surpassed all of our expectations. Our microvehicle is rated All-Terrain and All-Weather for a reason.

Hub Motors

Cutting-edge high torque 3 KW motors developed 
tested by ONIX Boards.

Both motors have a combined power of 6 KW.

4x higher than average electric acceleration on Pro Mode

SPEED: Capped at 32 MPH  / 52 KMH on Pro Mode

Lithium Battery

Our battery has been carefully matched to the needs of our high- performance microvehicle. 
Even our smallest battery can reach top speed at an unbelievable rate.


  • 45 minutes of fast riding
  • 1 hr 30 min conservative riding
  • 12 – 16 km
  • 7.5 – 10 miles
  • Typical use:  30 minutes to charge*
  • 3KW (yes, this limits the motors to 3KW)
  • 300wh


  • 4 hr of fast riding
  • 8 hr of conservative riding
  •  70 – 80 km
  •  42 – 50 miles
  • Typical use: 2.5 hours to charge*
  • 6KW (full acceleration capabilities)
  • 1500wh

    *Time calculated with discharge to 30% and recharged to 80%


After trying other boards and making DIYs, we found that all the tires on the market were either too small (average boards) or gigantic  (mountain boards.) None of which suited our desire for the ultimate board combining safety at speed, a shock-absorbing design and a low center of gravity.

Carefully adjusted through many revisions, our AIRLESS tire is the optimal size to take on any challenge of the road. 

80 mm wide / 115 mm diameter

Anti-slip natural rubber

All-terrain – All-weather 

Made to go over everything!

Extreme Trucks

With our custom trucks we were able to achieve extreme heat dissipation
keeping both motors cool at max performance!

Next generation trucks provide excellent protection on the electrical systems
with proprietary cable management system.

No more broken phase and hall wires.
Push the AIRLESS to the limits without worrying about breaking it.


Unique Deck Design


The AIRLESS is a Canadian Maple deck dialed in to be the ideal flex while maintaining stability at high speeds. It’s wide enough to completely support up to US size 11 shoes making our deck one of the widest ever produced.

Foot Stabilizers

Dampening impact through flexibility and optimized foot contact areas allows for control of rider stability, especially when starting or sudden braking

Prevents cramping of the legs on long distances by reducing stress on the ankles by keeping them within the center of their range of motion

Generates a shock-absorbing effect over bumps and obstacles that help the rider feel in total control, even at high speeds.

Or No Stabilizers

Considering the wide range of styles of riding, we also offer the flat deck as a standard option out of the box

Velcro foot stabilizers can easily adjust to any height or be removed (using only one is also an option)

Customizes the board to each riders feet, height and weight for a sensation of smooth riding

Hyper Charger

Custom designed to be 3x faster than the market average*
Large battery: 2.5 hours
Small battery: 30 minutes

Quiet, cool charge: does not get hot

7 A Hyper Charger

*Time calculated with discharge to 30% and recharged to 80%

Smart Remote Control

Unique ergonomic design for a comfortable, natural hold

Rubber dial for smooth acceleration and stopping

Backlit display with: miles/km, percentage of charge left

3 SPEED MODES: Beginner/Cruising/Pro

ADDITIONAL SPEED MODE: Adrenaline (4WD Version)


Integrated flashlight

It’s a really bright flashlight

Glows in the Dark

Be a night rider and stand out!


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